How Often Should You Review Your Estate Plan?

Generally, we recommend that you review your estate planning with your attorney every few years and whenever there is a significant or material change in your financial or personal circumstances. These may include:

  • Change in marital or relationship status
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Minor children have reached legal age
  • Purchase of a home or another substantial asset
  • Income/financial changes
  • Death of a named beneficiary
  • Changes to the law

No matter your situation, it is essential to do a full review of your estate plan at least every few years.

Personalized Estate Planning Services

At Robert L. Bolick, Ltd., we provide customized estate planning services specially developed to fit your unique needs. With more than 30 years as an estate planning attorney, Robert has the knowledge and experience to effectively evaluate your needs and assist you in achieving your future planning goals. He serves individuals and families in Summerlin and throughout Las Vegas.

Should Your Estate Plan Be Updated?

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